BlackCoin got introduced in 2014 and is a highly interesting project. Unlike many shady attempts on trying to make a bleak bitcoin-copy, BlackCoin is actually a very active Open Source project with a big development community behind it. There are two wallets being under active development that supports staking, it also got a multi-sig web wallet which makes it a breeze to setup and are able to generate “colored coins” which is another name for Tokens, coins that all are on the same blockchain but have different properties and names…
Whats even more incredible is the BlackHalo, the smart contract platform on the BlackCoin blockchain.

  • Features:

  • starsPoS
  • starsNo maximum supply
  • stars1% Inflation
  • starsFast Transactions
  • starsSmart Contracts
  • starsMulti-sig Web Wallet
  • starsActive Development Community
  • starsMobile Wallet
  • starsShapeshift Support
  • starsWooCommerce support

Coin Details
Rating GREAT
Circulating Supply 76,611,584